The American Dream came true.


A pilot, Afzaal moved from Karachi, Pakistan to Greenville, SC, USA in the 1970s piloting charter flights earning his USA license at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. During his transition from charter flights to the airlines he found a job at a small cutting tool manufacture next to the local airport, GSP. It was here where his career changed, where flying became a hobby and cutting tool manufacturing was the main event. In 3 years Afzaal went from not knowing what a reamer was, to being the plant manager where he fostered a spirit of innovation and creativity.

Almost 25 years later, in 2006 Afzaal launched FSC Cutting Tool Technology to address the new challenges in the aerospace industry that continue with new composite development.

From the 1,500 sq.ft. start of FSC to the current 68,500 sq.ft. facility, Afzaal’s vision is now a reality where the company has expanded through making acquisitions of two machining companies, RANN Products, and ARC Products Global. Investment in both machining companies ensures their steady growth and ability to meet the demands of the aerospace industry with AS9100 and ISO9001 certification. Building on the dream of creating jobs and a full-service group of companies, Afzaal launched Nucleus Engineering and Automation, which delivers prototypes, engineering design services, and automation solutions.


Tooling is where we started, innovation is where we remain.

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